Going for blackout

Since October 2019, I have been training with professional triathlete and Ironwomen podcast host Alyssa Godesky. A perk to training with Alyssa is she is part of a larger team, “Team HPB”. Since COVID, Alyssa has been working hard to keep us overachieving, Type-A athletes entertained without races. So, she came out with the Bingo Card.

Athletes were given the choice to select a row, column, or go for blackout bingo. Naturally, I chose blackout. It is halfway through June and I am almost finished with my bingo card. But to be honest, it has been completely kicking my ass and been an excellent test in mental fortitude.

This past weekend I completed the “3K Ft of Vert in a Day (Run/Hike)”, which was by far the hardest challenge to date. I chose a 0.05 mi., 33 ft., 11% grade section of the Washington Duke Trail that I found on Strava. After what I thought was careful calculation, I decided I had to run up and down this hill approximately 100 times. After 2.5 hours, 100 hill repeats, and 10 miles I stopped my watch stoked to see the final results and realized I had only completed 2,000 ft. of vert. I was out of water and food and in my mind was trying to find reasons why I needed to quit. In this moment, I dug deep, thought about Ahmaud Arbery, and decided I needed to finish what I started because not everyone has that opportunity. So I kept running, 50 more laps in fact. (Thank you mom for bringing me water and food!!)

This was an incredible mental challenge, but made me see first hand that my training is paying off. Below is a photo of the current bingo card status.

Here is what my bingo card looks like to date. Just a few more challenges to check off before the end of June.

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