Iron-Distance Tri “Race” Report

In March, I wrote on the mirrors in my bedroom and bathroom “I am an Ironman” and “$10,000”. By looking at this intention every day I was confident I would manifest this goal. I knew $10,000 would be a really difficult to achieve, but I wanted to challenge myself. I am thrilled to say that thanks to your support both goals have been accomplished.

In total we raised $12,225. I am completely blown away by your generosity and support throughout this process. When I crossed the finish line on Sunday, I immediately broke down in tears. The sense of community I felt throughout the day from family, old friends, and brand new friends was overwhelming. And the finish line. Seeing so many people come out to support me was humbling.

Many people have asked how I felt throughout the day, so here is a summary of the “race”.

Summary of the Day

Total Time: 11:31:26
Swim Time: 1:00:19
Transition 1: 4:32
Bike: 6:09:48
Transition 2: 4:09
Run: 4:12:43

I started the swim at 6:20 am, a few minutes late because a family of 8 was blocking the start to put their boats in the water. Apparently they were very intrigued by what I was doing and thought I was a little nuts. One of the highlights of the day was swimming and each time I took a breath to the left, watching the sunrise and the reflection on the lake.

Once I got out on my bike, I just tried to maintain a steady pace without pushing too hard. There were a few groups of bikers that rode past me. It was really difficult to not push harder to keep up with them, but I knew I needed to hold back to not get too tired. I felt really solid on the bike all day. I treated this ride like a meditation and just focused on breathing and making sure to get enough calories in on the bike. The goal was to eat 300 calories per hour. This typically included some combination of a Clif Ba, high calorie Spring energy gel, two lower calorie Spring energy gels, and Honey Stinger gummies. I also drank at least one bottle of Nuun per hour. I had a really hard time getting this many calories in the last hour and a half.

Once I got off the bike, my first group of pacers were ready to run. Getting off the bike felt really good. I tried to find a steady pace that I could maintain for a long time. The goal the first 10 miles was to stay around 9:30 pace and not push too hard. Our watches were not connecting accurately to GPS, so I was really unsure how fast we were actually going. The run was really fun because about every 5-8 miles I had a new pacer running with me. This definitely helped the run go by quickly. I also had friends at all the aid stations, which gave me something else to look forward to.

Honestly, the last 7 miles of the run were the hardest. It was more exposed in the sun, had the most hills, and I was having a really hard time eating/drinking enough. Luckily I had an amazing pacer and friend, Billy, walking me through a breathing exercise to help keep my heart rate down.

As we came into downtown I just tried to soak in the day and felt so much gratitude. There is no way this event would have been possible without all my friends and family who helped out at aid stations and ran with me along the way. You all are incredible and I am forever grateful for your support.

Another question I have been getting is, “Will you do an Ironman again?”. The answer is 100% yes. It was such a fun day and I can only imagine how much fun it would be surrounded by other people pushing themselves towards the same goal. One of the reasons I love triathlon is for the community and since most of my training is solo, race day is when I get to feel part of something bigger than myself.

Lastly, I just want to thank my parents for supporting me. I know this day was challenging for them since I was doing a lot of it solo. But, without your support and raising me to believe I can be successful in whatever I put my mind to, I would not be here. I love you both so much.

At the start before beginning the swim.
So excited to see Meagan at mile 83 and drink some Clean energy drink.
Alex ran 15 miles with me!
Mile 23 of the run
Trying to stay cool in the heat.
Grateful to all my friends who cheered me on at the finish line.
This face tells you about how I felt during the last 6-7 miles.

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